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Active Flag 
Knocknagree N.S

Knocknagree N.S is working towards its first Active Flag this year. An Active Flag Committee has been setup and this group are looking to implement different physical activity ideas and projects across the school year. 

Meet Our Committee

Our hard working Active Flag committee members are: Oisín Murphy, Jer Moynihan, David Fleming, Saoirse Rahilly, Danielle Fitzpatick,  Nell Casey, Evan Brosnan, Ellen O'Connor, Máire Murphy, Sophie Hickey, Mary Jane Murphy and Reece Sheahan. 

Physical Education 

Physical education is an important aspect of the Irish Primary School Curriculum, with a focus on providing children with opportunities to develop their physical literacy and learn lifelong skills. Children participate in a wide range of activities, from team sports to individual pursuits, with an emphasis on fostering an inclusive and supportive environment. Through physical education, children develop physical skills, such as coordination and balance, as well as social and emotional skills, including teamwork and resilience.


In Knocknagree National School we placed a huge emphasis on the strand Game. Students are given the opportunity to understand new yard/playground games. We prioritized game-based activities as a central component of the curriculum. Games promote skill development, fitness, social interaction, fun, strategic thinking, inclusion, and the acquisition of life skills. By emphasizing game-based activities, the curriculum aims to enhance physical, social, and cognitive development while fostering active participation, teamwork, and enjoyment  physical education.

Physical Activity -Knocknagree N.S 

Regular physical activity has been shown to improve cardiovascular health, bone density, mental health, and academic performance in children. It also helps to instill healthy habits and a positive attitude towards physical activity. Here in Knocknagree N.S children participate in a variety of physical activities, including team sports, individual sports, and outdoor games. These activities provide opportunities for children to develop their physical skills, such as coordination, balance, and flexibility, as well as their social and emotional skills, including teamwork, resilience, and self-esteem. Additionally, physical activity can be a fun and enjoyable way for children to learn, explore, and express themselves. Overall, physical activity plays an essential role in the physical, mental, and social development of children, and is a vital component of their overall education.

Active Breaktime

Our Committee have come up with a super idea to play different playground games during breaktimes every Wednesday. The senior classroom are playground monitors explaining the rules and monitoring each game. 

This year in Knocknagree NS we placed a huge focus on the strand of Game. The active flag committee drew up a Rota focusing in on a wide range of age appropriate yard/playground games including: hide and seek, lava hoops, dodgeball, unihock and many more. 

Each Friday active breaktime alters slightly from playground games with a speaker being placed on the yard. This gives all the classes a freedom to dance and express themselves on the yard. 

Active Week in Knocknagree N.S 
24/04/23 - 28/04/23

Active Week is a much-loved event in Irish primary schools, where children have the opportunity to engage in a variety of physical activities and games throughout the week. It is a time for children to try new sports, to develop their skills in familiar activities, and to enjoy being active with their friends. Children often look forward to Active Week, as it provides a break from the usual academic routine and a chance to have fun and be energetic. From obstacle courses to dance routines, and from sports tournaments to fitness challenges, there is something for everyone during Active Week.


During ASW the kid participated in a wide range of activities including school circuit training, relay races, football, student led exercises (lunges, star jumps, squatting, wall sits) and basketball. Children also received active homework every night as part of ASW. A big thank you to Ellen O'Connor for helping out during the week it was hugely appreciated by all. 

Partnerships -Knocknagree GAA

Ian O'Connor is a member of Knocknagree GAA club and volunteers to come into the school each Friday to teach children GAA skills. He's a fantastic member of Community  and all his work with the children is hugely appreciated by all staff members in Knocknagree N.S. 

The GAA plays such a huge role in the community and having a partnership with them in Knocknagree NS helps the children build the basic skills and develop a solid foundation as they progress through the years. 

Active Flag School Intiatives

Our Active Flag Committee members are always looking to keep our school active with different initiatives. 

As a whole school we are currently partaking in a Run Across Ireland Challenge. Children are doing laps each day to reach a variety of different landmarks across the country. 

Active School Walkway 
Our Equipment and Storage 

Our active school walkway is a designated pathway or route around the school that encourages physical activity and promotes the well-being of students.


It is designed to provide a safe and engaging environment for children to walk, run, or engage in other physical activities during school hours.

Having a variety of equipment in a school PE shed is crucial as it allows for a diverse range of activities, catering to different interests and skill levels. It promotes skill development in various areas, ensures inclusion and adaptability for all students, enables skill progression, provides learning opportunities about sportsmanship and strategy, and allows schools to adapt to their available resources. 

A huge thank you must go to our active flag committee members who have kept our PE shed well organized and tidied on a consistent basis. 

Committee Members keeping everyone active in the Fairfield
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